Remanufactured Devices

Our GreenLine remanufactured product line offers the highest quality to our customers thanks to a rigorous remanufacturing process that meets the objective of not generating more waste by using resources in a more sustainable way.

Proceso de Remanufacturado


The devices are dismantled in our facilities.


Complete interior cleaning and outside of the device.


Comprehensive testing of all Components.


Meticulous assembly of all the components.


All wear parts are changed.


Firmware according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Selection of printing equipment

At GM Technology we select the best equipment and work on the remanufacturing of the devices to put them back into circulation with the same quality as new conventional equipment.

In a first phase, the batch of equipment received is evaluated to determine the quality of the equipment for its remanufacturing; and in a second phase a test of the equipment is carried out to begin the remanufacturing process.

Disassembly and Cleaning

The equipment is completely disassembled to discard all critical parts that may present wear.

A general cleaning of the equipment is performed to remove any dirt that hinders the proper functioning of the parts.

Replace parts

The chassis is visually inspected for any damage to the surfaces where axles, motors, rollers, gears and threaded holes are assembled.

Our professionals control and review exhaustively all the components making a complete diagnosis. All those materials that do not work are recycled.

Asembling components

Our specialized technical service is endowed with sustainable technologies and customized solutions for the maintenance and replacement of parts and consumables.

The team of technicians assembles meticulously installing the new parts. All this to extend the life cycle of the product

Control of quality

Adjustment, audit and final tests. All remanufactured equipment is tested, verifying its image quality and ensuring the correct functioning of all its functions and accessories. In addition, the firmware is updated according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Packing and transportation

GM Technology has its own logistics and specialized packaging methods, which ensures delivery with a fast and quality service anywhere in the world.

GM Technology works with manufacturers committed to the
environment that allow them to guarantee recycling. Our great competitive advantage is to give value to the reuse of the products betting on a circular economy that promotes the optimization of resources in a more sustainable way.