Logistics Management for Health Services

GM Technology offers all the potential of a leading company in printing and document management to all professionals in the healthcare sector.

GM Technology has developed a portfolio of products and services exclusively adapted to the requirements of the healthcare sector by understanding its complexity and the needs of technological updating and cost-saving that are required to face up the new challenges imposed by the market, as well as to improve its processes and healthcare levels.

GLS: a comprehensive service.

Management of the printing fleet

GM Technology can help you manage your printing fleet with the best guarantees and the best price, no matter who the manufacturer of your equipment is. Likewise, we can help you renew your printing fleet and multifunctional devices while helping you save documentary expenses.

In addition, we offer our clients the best solution in the market at the best price, without any brand or manufacturer limitation. We can also manage and maintain your printing fleet with the best guarantees at a price without competition.

Our solutions are sustainable, professional and provide value and document security, making your company and documentation meet the requirements set out by the current legislation [LOPD (Act on Data Protection), LSSI (Act on Information Society Services), etc.], which is extremely important when we deal with clinical data classified within the highest levels of confidentiality and security.

We are backed up by a printing fleet of more than 10,000 machines as well as by our broad experience in the field.

Printing of radiological images

We work with leading companies in the market and integrate printing solutions for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) in order to offer our clients turnkey projects with the best conditions in the market.

The printing of these images on paper (regardless of whether these are generated from the workstation, PACS, etc.) gives value during healthcare process while allowing these being printed with a high level of quality for the diagnosis by means of your multifunctional device. This reduces costs considerably in comparison to printing on board or standard film.

Similarly, our printing solutions have a positive impact on environmental improvements and time reduction for healthcare assistance periods, with the subsequent additional saving.

Digitization services and document management

Document processes consume a great amount of resources within healthcare organizations, to the point that an optimized management of these processes will mark the difference between an efficient organization and an inefficient one bearing invisible costs but nonetheless important.

GM Technology can help you with the best guarantees to digitally shape your company, offering the best solutions in the following aspects:

  • Document management (document flow processes, documentary advising…)
  • Digitization of medical records and integration with the HIS (Hospital Information System)
  • Digitization of files (administrative, occupational files, etc.)
  • Elimination of paper in companies (certified digitization, integration with document processes…)

Exploitation of centers for document services (CSD)

Our broad experience in the management of centers for document services, together with our business synergies:

  • Immediate availability of equipment, spares and consumables.
  • Own technical service.
  • Specialized staff.
  • Own distribution of devices, consumables and materials.
  • Flexibility.

CSDs also allow us and our clients to design an optimized service for the management of document management centers, guaranteeing costs savings and improvements of delivery times as well as advantages for their companies.

The capability of managing all areas involved in the business with our own resources allows us to plan alternatives without competence while providing value and document security for our clients.

Comprehensive logistics management

We offer a comprehensive solution to supply your company with all the materials that are required for an outstanding performance. This varies from paper supply to  the provision of office materials, printing consumables, as well as all the printed material (modeling) that is required for document processes.

Likewise, we can supply computer equipment, specific consumables for medical equipment (for instance, paper for electrocardiographs), as well as store, manage and distribute any required reference.

Thus, we want to become the technological and logistical partner that contributes to saving and competitiveness by benefiting from all our potential and logistic capability.

The fact of taking advantage of business synergies and of our capability to set the most competitive prices in the market will offer you a reliable supplier able to face and solve any challenge generated in the market, as well as the ability to adapt to requirements that the new emerging healthcare management models may present.